Album Artwork

Artwork for Sofia Vitória's album “Echoes:
Fernando Pessoa — English poetry & prose”, 
with fourteen adaptations of texts from the author and his heteronyms.

Sofia Vitória
Fernando Pessoa
— English poetry & prose
Released in
October 2016

Cover photo © Andy Dyo

“I know not what tomorrow will bring”

— Fernando Pessoa’s last written words,
which are featured in the central spread.

“The work that Fernando Pessoa (1888—1935) was compulsively imbricating, with its polifaceted and visionary creative talent of Portuguese-speaking iconic poet, looks like a kind of huge literary delta where the most diverse material from traditions, doctrines and disciplines of universal knowledge has sedimented, and for whose residual stratification has contributed his fervent "addiction" for reading.
Having studied between 1895 and 1905 in South Africa and received a British education, it was in the English language that Pessoa grew up and made his learning, trying multiple forms, different meters, assaying the dramatic poetry and becoming aware of himself, in constant search for his identity, his unfolding and his relationship with the world.”

— Antonio Cardiello

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