João Neves — new

João Neves is a portuguese singer and visual artist, who has been living between Lisbon (PT) and Copenhagen (DK). After years of collaborations in multiple projects, he is now opening up his sonic universe for the first time in his own project. Floating between intimate and expansive moments, and inspired by the words of Samuel Beckett, the single I Must Go On marks his solo debut, where he takes full responsibility for all the stages of both music creation and production, anticipating the upcoming EP.

The video to I Must Go On has been directed by Rémi Moreau, a french visual artist who develops a ghostly universe based on a multidisciplinary process, mixing 3D, video and photography. From a magical and supernatural perspective, he gives visual and semantic importance to the invisible and ethereal. In the video he explores Beckett’s notion of dreamlike states and questioning of reality, also using megaliths and monoliths as inspiration: these mysterious stone installations are the bridge into different realities.
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