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Mocho Gris
Album Artwork, Collage Illustration

Mocho Gris is an Iberian collaboration between Portuguese singer João Neves and Galician vibraphone player Lucas de Centi.
As a duo they started performing in 2016, bringing the electronics element to some of their favourite songs, and since then they also have been adding some original material to their repertoire.

— pregão
— wandering star
Released in

To present the first samples of their recordings, a couple of covers were developed, meant to work both separately and as a whole. The artwork, as the two recordings themselves, attempts to travel through time and space, with a transversal quality to its esthetics. 

The duality is not just present through the colors scheme, but also from the complementary relation the digital collage illustrations carry — by playing with themes like light and shadow, past and future, inner and outer worlds.

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