da Rocha :: Hencleeday is a contemporary music duo formed by pianist and composer André Hencleeday and guitarist and composer Nuno da Rocha. With an unusual instrumentation — prepared piano and electric guitar — the duo sees in it an opportunity to a new musical object that is both challenging and provocative, as it intends to cross very different musical universes: that of contemporary music and that of popular music, creating new arrangements for Portuguese songs.
    To give voice to these songs in live concerts, the duo invited Sérgio Godinho, Adolfo Lúxuria Canibal (Mão Morta) and João Neves.
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Nuno da Rocha — Guitar
André Hencleeday — Piano

Sérgio Godinho — voice
Adolfo Lúxuria Canibal — voice
João Neves — voice