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2020 January 24

Here’s a list of upcoming concerts for the next months:

Jan 27 — 19:00
THE MONDAY BAND curated by Antti Lähdesmäki
5E, Copenhagen, Denmark

Feb 25 — 21:30
Klub Primi, Copenhagen, Denmark 

Mar 10 — 16:00
KADK Library, Copenhagen, Denmark

Mar 11
Keith, Berlin, Germany 

Mar 20 — 22:00
Cantigas de Maio
Salão Brazil, Coimbra, Portugal

Mar 21 — 21:30
Cantigas de Maio
Fórum Municipal Romeu Correia, Almada, Portugal

Mar 22 — 18:00
Cantigas de Maio
Ferroviário, Lisbon, Portugal

Apr 7 
Copenhagen, Denmark

Album Release
2020 January 17

After three beautiful singles, Siri Byrkjedal’s full album Songs for a Restless World is finally out. 
I’m happy that I have collaborated both with the cover artwork and by singing in one of the tracks.

2020 January 01

Guarda-Rios are kicking off the year of 2020 with our first concert.
Esposende, January 4th 22h, at Auditório do CIT — Turismo de Esposende.

Voice as Practice
2019 December 19

2019 November 13

New project starting to erupt: LAVA

Some Days
2019 October 25

Some Days, Siri Byrkjedal’s new single is out now! 

2019 October 04

Singularlugar’s album — Travessia — is now available. Thanks to all the supporters so far.

Mocho Gris
2019 September 27

Introducing Mocho Gris’s mixtape. Available in the usual streaming platforms, so make sure to follow and support us. Enjoy!

Mocho Gris
2019 September 25 

Mocho Gris are working to bring to life their mixtape. More updates coming very soon!

Dark Cloud
2019 September 13 

Today Siri Byrkjedal is releasing her single Dark Cloud. I’ve been doing the artwork for this and her upcoming releases, so stay tuned! And in the meantime enjoy this beautiful track.

A Herdade
2019 July 25 

More exciting news! A Herdade is coming soon.
Competing at La Biennale di Venezia and premiering at the TIFF. Proud to be part of it.

2019 July 19 

Something new is born.
For more updates, follow @oguardarios on Instagram. 

Myself as well
2019 June 01 

Cantigas de Maio
2019 May 20 

Still recovering from the recent concert. Many thanks to Bernardo Moreira, Ricardo J. Dias and André Santos, and to Fundação José Saramago.

Lisbon welcomed me again as if I never left.

Los últimos
2019 April 20 

Mocho Gris are sharing a new track, this time an original one written by Lucas de Centi.
The new artwork follows the visual narrative from the previous releases. 

2018 December 10 

Happy to introduce the last graphic project from 2018. Canadian pianist and composer Matt Choboter’s Spillimacheen is out now, released through Inner Circle Music.

2018 September 19

It’s now time to share Néboa's latest release. João Neves was lucky to be at the studio with this adorable Galician people last year, and now it’s out there in all platforms, so go check it out!

Analog updates
2018 September 14

Starting to share new analog pictures from the recently developed roll film, so follow the updates on Intagram.

Way to the Oscars
2018 September 12

Proud to share that João Botelho's Peregrinação is in the race for both the Oscars and Goya Awards 2019.
Such great news, and so proud to be a part of it!

Mocho Gris
2018 September 03 

Mocho Gris are now sharing with the world some of their new recordings. 
Apart from being the voice of the duo, João Neves was also responsible for the artwork. 
Go check it out on facebook and soundcloud

2018 August 20 

A new adventure begins in Copenhagen, starting a very exciting Master Programme in Music Performance at the incredible RMC — Rhythmic Music Conservatory.

Revamped website
2018 July 02 

Very excited to present a new website, fully redesigned and updated, now also integrating the musical projects, along with the visual work.

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