Portuguese singer and visual artist living between Lisbon (PT) and Copenhagen (DK).

He allies his multiple artistic fields by singing and performing in various musical projects, while also taking photography and graphic design projects, and often makes them all converge into multidisciplinary artforms.

~ Fine Arts

João starts his artistic studies at the high school, by studying fields like Photography, and all the graphic processes starting from the creative part, to printing techniques and graphic finishing. He studies Graphic Design at the Fine Arts School in Porto (Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade do Porto, 2005 — 2010), where he develops his love for editorial design and typography.
As he finishes his degree, the decision to move to Lisbon comes as a way of combining Graphic Design with Music, and he starts collaborating with Hot Club de Portugal, being responsible for the communication of both the Jazz Club itself and its Music School. From then he has been articulating both fields, having musicians as his main clients.

He also expresses himself through Photography, sharing both his analog and digital visions online.

~ Music

Never satisfied with his many amateur musical experiences throughout the years, João moves to Lisbon in 2011 and immediately starts studying Jazz singing at the Hot Club de Portugal’s School (Escola de Jazz Luíz Villas-Boas, 2011 — 2013) first, and gets his Music Degree right after (Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa - IPL, 2013 — 2016).
After smaller collaborations with some of the most prominent names from Portuguese Jazz scene, recording and performing with Desidério Lázaro (2015), Afonso Pais & Rita Maria (2016), and Luís Figueiredo (2017), in 2019 he releases Singularlugar: Travessia in collaboration with pianist Katerina L'dokova. In the meantime he also joins Néboa for their single Lisboa 5AM, anticipating other future collaborations with the pop/triphop/jazz band from Galicia, Spain.
In 2019 he releases an EP with his duo Mocho Gris, while also working in new projects such as Guarda-Rios and Cantigas de Maio.

As a singer he also took part in two Portuguese Cinema productions: Peregrinação, by João Botelho (2017) and A Herdade, by Tiago Guedes (2019).

Currently based between Lisbon (PT) and Copenhagen (DK), he finished his Master’s Degree in Music Performance at the RMC — Rhythmic Music Conservatory — in 2020, while working on his own solo project — jo~ao