Music Collaborations

In 2015 João starts collaborating with some of the most prominent names from Portuguese Jazz scene, recording and performing with Desidério Lázaro, Afonso Pais & Rita Maria, and Luís Figueiredo.
Since then he also joins Néboa for their single Lisboa 5AM, anticipating other future collaborations with the pop/triphop/jazz band from Galicia, Spain.

Afonso Pais & Rita Maria
Além das Horas

Luís Figueiredo
Kronos / Penélope

A Realidade Enganosa

~ best album in Galician at the MIN Awards for Independent Music 2021
Luise Volkmann
Dreams to Come

Calum Builder
Messe (You Are Where You Need To Be)

~ nomination for the Danish Music Awards Jazz 2022 in the category of ‘Experimental Release of the Year’


As a singer, João keeps expanding his portfolio by taking part in a few cinema productions by Portuguese major national directors:

João Botelho, 2017

Peregrinação was announced as Portugal’s candidate for both the Oscars and the Goya Awards in 2019.

A Herdade
Tiago Guedes, 2019

A Herdade was selected to compete at La Biennale di Venezia 2019, premiered at TIFF, and was announced as Portugal’s candidate for both the Oscars and the Goya Awards in 2020. 

Um Filme em Forma de Assim
João Botelho, 2022

Um Filme em Forma de Assim is organized like a dream, structured like a musical and with texts, both spoken and sung, that lead us to unexpected, chaotic and exciting situations, which try to grasp part of what the unattainable Alexandre O'Neill left us.

Art Performances / Exhibitions

João’s multidisciplinary interests include crossing a vocal practice with visual art, the exploration of the body and its movement, multimedia projects of artistic research where bits of these expressions can be combined and merged into larger art pieces, performances or exhibitions.
The Weather Orchestra
Mikhail Karikis
Carpintarias de S. Lázaro, Lisbon, 2022 Sismógrafo, Oporto, 2022

The Weather Orchestra is an ode to the elements, expressing both our deep relationship and entanglement with the weather and celebrating our connection to the atmosphere and the earth. This 4-channel video installation with surround sound simulates an indoor 'weather system' through sound vibration and singing. Three projections feature musicians performing on instruments and analogue noise machines designed to imitate the sounds of natural phenomena. From a Baroque wind machine to a Latin American ceremonial rain stick, ocean drums, aqua-phones and thunder sheets fill the exhibition space with sound and allude to the forces and magnificence of nature. In the middle of this soundscape and swept up by the noise, human voices burst in folk songs expressing joy, respect, fear and wonder toward all elements surrounding us.

This work was created in collaboration with performers from mainland Portugal, Madeira, Syria and Denmark.

performers: Mariana Camacho, Salman Duski, Helena Espeval, Joana Guerra, Maria do Mar, João Neves, Helene Tungelund

Catarina Cubelo
Lethaby Gallery, London, 2016

Performance and instalation with sculpture
SSS explores the relationship between words and movement, voice and body. Like some images, that acquire value and meaningfulness when they travel through screens, conversations, so does the speech when the body moves. In collaboration with professional musicians and non-professional singers, a singing score was created through images and notes that were taken during the rehearsals, over a period of three months. The two different choruses had not met each other before the performance.

performers: Beckie Cove, Lud Mônaco, Katherine Spence, Koralia Stergides; Inês Lapa, Susana Nunes, Sara Vicente, João Neves