Analog Photography
2016 — present

Light and shadows, minimal and abstract, geometrical and neutral, natural shapes and clean architectural lines. A collection of simple registers from daily moments, many beautiful mistakes, random objects, a few portraits. 

Camera — Olympus 35 RC
Roll film — Fujicolor C200


Album Cover Art

Néboa is a Galician band trying to expand the borders of pop with elements of experimental, jazz, and contemporary music.  In 2020 they released their album A Realidade Enganosa.

Starting from the two singles, and maybe even reinforced in the LP, the articulation of João’s own analog photography with scientific ilustrations has been the main field of exploration for the cover designs. By layering and relating the two media — sometimes more thoughtfully, others perhaps more randomly —, the potential for a third reading instantly arises.

Mocho Gris

Album Cover Art

Mocho Gris is an Iberian collaboration between Portuguese João Neves and Galician Lucas de Centi.
    As a duo they started performing in 2016, bringing the electronics element to some of their favourite songs, and since then they also have been adding some original material to their repertoire.
    After releasing three singles, in late 2019 they release their first EP.

The covers are meant to work both separately and as a complementary whole. The artworks attempt to travel through time and space, with a transversal quality to its aesthetics. There’s a duality not just present through the color scheme, but also from the complementary relation the digital collage illustrations carry — by playing with themes like light and shadow, past and future, inner and outer worlds.

Siri Birk

Cover Art

Siri Birk is a norwegian singer-songwritter. Based in the folk and protest song tradition, she released in early 2020 her debut album Songs for a Restless World, full of contrasts between the beautiful and harsh, calmness and chaos, doubt and trust.

From the release of the three singles anticipating the album, the contrasts have been visually explored through the plastic quality of the colour pallet and its relation to the natural leafs photographed by Siri herself. The typographical compositions also play with an organic fluidity within a strict struture. 


Cover Art

With a record that echoes the sounds of some of the top Spanish-language rock albums of recent decades, the Galician band Sinestesia return with Na Marxe, their third studio album.

The cover arts for both the singles and album showcase a mix of different mediums, with calligraphy serving as the central creative thread. The design reflects the album's marginal title.