© João Hasselberg
At the forefront of an exciting musical revolution stands LEIDA, a collective of voices who converge to create innovative soundscapes that transcend traditional boundaries. The ensemble’s sonic journey navigates through contemporary, experimental, and free improvisation genres, forging a unique path in the world of music.

Underpinning this groundbreaking project is the visionary leadership of Mariana Dionísio, a multifaceted artist with a penchant for musical exploration. Mariana's collaboration with this ensemble has birthed the concept of "premise-pieces" where improvisation seamlessly fuses with structured compositions. These musical pieces are rich in character, guided by a tapestry of ideas and gestures that shape each performance into an extraordinary narrative.

Mariana Dionísio — creation, conduction, voice

Beatriz Nunes — voice
Filipa Franco — voice
Leonor Arnaut — voice
Nazaré da Silva — voice
João Neves — voice
Hugo Henriques — voice
Diogo Ferreira — voice