photo © Pedro Jafuno
After years of collaborations in multiple projects, 2021 marks the solo debut of jo~ao where he opens up and reveals his own sonic universe for the first time, taking full responsibility for all the stages of both music creation and production.
    Floating between intimate and expansive moments, and inspired by the words of Samuel Beckett, he introduced himself with his first single I Must Go On.
    Later on he released Behold, a somber electro pop song inspired by Plato’s Allegory of the Cave that reflects on one’s true identity, often hidden underneath layers of distortions.
    In 2022 he finally releases the debut EP — Myself As Well.
A work with multiple layers, his music is an experimental journey reflecting on one's identity: the introspective words paired with rich musical elements, floating between intimate and expansive moments, bringing together formless textures along with electronic music, assembling distinct structures through transforming environments.

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The video to I Must Go On has been directed by Rémi Moreau, a french visual artist who develops a ghostly universe based on a multidisciplinary process, mixing 3D, video and photography. From a magical and supernatural perspective, he gives visual and semantic importance to the invisible and ethereal. In the video he explores Beckett’s notion of dreamlike states and questioning of reality, also using megaliths and monoliths as inspiration: these mysterious stone installations are the bridge into different realities.
The video to Behold was directed by jo~ao himself, with cinematography by Pedro Jafuno — navigating through light and shadows, among projections and reflections, the knowledge of oneself can enlighten the path to the outer world.