Hot Clube de Portugal
              — Escola de Jazz Luiz Villas-Boas
Promotional material, Editorial, Poster, Print, Type
2011 — 2014

Development of promotional materials for the Hot Club Portugal’s Jazz School.

The work includes informative flyers, brochures and posters for the main and secondary courses, summer workshops, masterclasses, and other activities. 

Hot Clube de Portugal Jazz School — Luiz Villas-Boas Jazz School — was founded in 1979. Since then it has been growing consistently, and is now a major reference in the national Jazz teaching.  

The diversity of targets, according to the multiple courses and other activities that the school constantly promotes, resulted in a permanent exploration throughout the years.

This was the perfect opportunity to play with typography, developing some original typefaces and handwriting experiences.
The processes usually took off from sensorial concepts such as music, rhythm, variation, movement.

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