Mão na Música is a concert conceived and led by André Hencleeday and Nuno da Rocha. These two musicians have a focus on the universe of contemporary music, but here their unusual instrumentation — prepared piano and electric guitar — aims to merge very different musical universes: that of contemporary music with popular music.

Based on Sérgio Godinho's eponymous poem, this concert brings together music from Bach to Zeca Afonso, from Messiaen to Fausto, and from Lopes-Graça to Sérgio Godinho's own music. In a concert to be listened to without sonic prejudice, the duo invites three singers to give voice to their re-orchestrations: Adolfo Luxúria Canibal, João Neves, and Sérgio Godinho.
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Nuno da Rocha — Guitar
André Hencleeday — Piano

Sérgio Godinho — voice
Adolfo Lúxuria Canibal — voice
João Neves — voice