PITOU — 100 Anos Amália

In the center the piano and inside a potential voice, waiting for whoever discovers it, whoever is able to make it their own.
So one day Alain Oulman sat in front of Lisbon, in front of poetry, in front of fado and in front of the world, working on the dream of singing it with Amália's voice.
100 years after Amália was born and 50 years after the album “Com que voz” was published, what this show wants now is to invite the audience to witness this meeting, carried by the dance of fado with other voices of music, between bodies and images, who knows, even allowing each one of us to dare being part of that meeting.

© Tiago Cerveira
Recorded at Convento de São Francisco, Coimbra, Portugal

Artistic Direction:
Adérito Araújo, Catarina Gouveia, João Fong, Pedro Nuno Lopes, Tiago C. Almeida

António Ferreira — Film Direction
Bernardo Moreira — Musical Direction
Bernardo Moreira — Double Bass
Bernardo Couto — Portuguese Guitar
João Neves — Voice
Luís Figueiredo — Piano
Ricardo J. Dias — Accordion

Leonor Barata — Choreography
António Bollano, Bárbara Cordeiro, Clara Carvalho, Magnum Soares
© 2020